Summer Schools & Programs

Summer Schools and Programs


The American and International Public Affairs Institute Program (AIPAI), The Robert F.
Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University

AIPAI is an intensive one-month program that introduces graduate students to American culture and institutions as well as globalization process prior to beginning formal graduate study. It comprises lectures and workshops with Wagner School professors and US public officials, institutional visits (in New York and Washington, D.C.), and cultural activities. For more information, please consult Prof. Soh, Changrok.

The Academy of International Trade and Investment Law in Macao (Macao, China)

The Academy of International Trade Law is based in Macao and organized by the local European Studies Institutes-spans two weeks in July. Leading experts from around the world provide the highest standard of education and training on international trade law, the World Trade Organization, and selected issues of regional integration bodies such as the North Atlantic Free Treaty Agreement, European Union, Mercosur, and ASEAN. For more information, please click here.

The Sciences-Po Asia-Europe Program in France

This six-week intensive graduate program offers a select group of advanced Asian students and young professionals insight into the main parameters of European integration. Several large French multinationals organize, participate in, and support the program, with the support of the central French administration as well as the city of Paris.

Free University of Berlin International Summer Program (Berlin, Germany)

The International Summer Program at the Free University of Berlin offers 6-8 week intensive courses in German, French, Italian, as well as specialized curricula in economics, politics, trade and international security with emphasis on Euroatlantic and Eurasian affairs. Select GSIS students in the past have enjoyed tuition discounts as well as concurrent internship at the German Institute on Foreign Affairs and International Security (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politk). For those interested in the Free University of Berlin International Summer Program contact email:

International Summer Program in the University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)

European Summer Institute, Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

The Levin Institute, the State University of New York