Exchange Programs


Korea University has joined hands with 744 universities and institutes in 78 countries. This offers KU students an amazing pool to opportunities for a stay abroad. Students may apply after their first semester at GSIS for an exchange program.

Besides the university-wide programs, there are a few departmental exchange programs. While departmental exchange program have the advantage that credits can be easily transferred to GSIS, students should review course offerings in the case of university exchange programs to determine which credits can be transferred to GSIS. Departmental exchange programs accept approximately two to three students each year per program.

Note that CAMPUS Asia offers further departmental exchange opportunities.

**Guideline & Credit Transfer Application : Exchange[Dual] Program Guideline & Credit Transfer Application


Departmental Programs


The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria

Countries School Language Number of Recipients(Fluid)
Austria The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna English 2
Minimum periods of study at KU GSIS Eligibility (GPA) Eligibility
Course Offerings
One semester completed at KU before coming to DAV 3.5 / 4.5 BA from English-speaking countries/CPE/CAE(grade A)/ IELTS(6.5)/ TOFEL PBT600/ CBT250/ IBT100; other certificates may be considered in principle no restrictions; in classes (mostly seminars) with limited number of participants a lottery between all interested students will take place; the decision on the possibility of joining ongoing language classes is up to our language coordinators depending on the level of knowledge of the candidate

The School of International Studies, Waseda University, Japan

Countries School Language Number of Recipients(Fluid)
Japan Waseda University,
Graduate School of
Asia-Pacific Studies
English, Japanese 2
Minimum periods of study at KU GSIS Minimum GPA Eligibility
Course Offerings
TWO semesters

*GSAPS accepts generally second-year students for exchange.

3.5 / 4.5 IBT80, CBT213,
PBT550, or JLPT 1
International Relations/
Area Studies/
International Cooperation/
Policy Studies

The School of International Service, American University

※ SIS Exchange Program Guide 2019-20: Download

Note: While students nominated by KU GSIS will normally be accepted by the host institution, the host institution retains the right to review these students and to make the final decision concerning their admission. Lack of availability, capacity or anyother circumstance at the host institutions may result in denial of qualified applicants.