<Thesis Research Form for Master(논문지도세미나 수강확인서-석사3학기)>

*석사3학기(논문트랙):Major_Thesis Track Application Form (admitted from Fall 2018+)

*석사3학기(비논문트랙):Major_Non-Thesis Track Application Form (admitted from Fall 2018+)

<Thesis Advisor Application, Major Selection Application, Thesis Research Form for Doctor

(지도교수신청, 전공지원신청, 논문지도세미나수강확인서-박사과정)>

* 박사과정 3학기생은 첨부된 파일 1) 박사-지도교수-신청서-Thesis-Advisor-Application-Form2) 박사-전공지원신청서-Major-Selection-Application-Form 두개를 작성하여 제출하시기 바랍니다.

*박사과정 4학기생은 논문지도세미나-수강확인서Registration-Confirmation-of-Thesis-Research-Form_Doctor“를 제출하시면 됩니다.

For Doctor’s program students,

Please consult the attached files.
You need the permission from the professor before submitting the form.

*Doctoral 3rd semester: you need to submit the form of  1)박사-전공지원신청서-Major-Selection-Application-Form, 2)박사-지도교수-신청서-Thesis-Advisor-Application-Form
*Doctoral 4th semester: you need to submit the form of  “논문지도세미나-수강확인서Registration-Confirmation-of-Thesis-Research-Form_Doctor

<Thesis Advisor Change(지도교수변경원)>

지도교수변경원(Thesis Advisor Change)

<Application for internship program for international organization (국제대학원 국제기구인턴십 신청서)>

International organization credit application

<Internship Application(For general internship program (not international organization)

(국제기구가 아닌) 인턴십 학점취득신청서 >

Internship Application Form

<Domestic Exchange Program Application (국내학점교류 수강 신청서)>


<Foreign Exchange/Dual Program Guideline & Credit Transfer Application (해외교환/복수프로그램 가이드라인  및 학점교류신청서)>

Exchange Dual Program Guideline(Credit Transfer Application)

<Application for Recognition of Substitutional Course>

과목대체허가원 : 과목대체허가원_Application for Recognition of Substitutional Course

For Korean Studies : 한국학_대체과목인정신청서Application for Recognition of Substitutional Course(Korean Studies)

<논문연구계획서신청 (Request for Thesis Research Proposal Defense)>

Master Program

Application : Request for Master’s Research Proposal Defense
Result Report : Result Report for Master’s Research Proposal Defense

Doctoral Program (Admitted students from 2013 ~)

Application : Doctoral thesis proposal defense application
Result Report : Doctoral Thesis proposal defense result report

< 논문심사신청 (Thesis Submission Guide_Korean, International Students)>



<Application for Advanced Seminar Registration>




<Application for Certificate Program of Area Studies & Human Rights>


<Major Change Request Form>


<Confirmation Form for Academic Advisor on Student’s Thesis Schedule> 

Confirmation Form for Academic Advisor on Student’s Thesis Schedule

<Explanatory Statement for Student doing Extra Semester(s)>

Explanatory Statement for Student doing Extra Semester(s)