KOICA-KU GSIS Master's Degree Program in Economic Policy and Development

KOICA-KU GSIS Master’s Degree Program in Economic Policy and Development


Having understood the importance of economic policy and development for developing countries, the GSIS of Korea University cooperates with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to operate a Master’s Degree Program in Economic Policy and Development by educating government officials from various developing countries to learn lessons from the experiences of socio-economic development in Korea.

Twenty students a year, selected from various developing countries, will receive an acceptance for admission to the Program, specially designed to educate those students in economic policy and development, focusing more on Aid for Trade, for 18 months (13 months in Korea) to earn a Master degree. In addition to regular classes in KU GSIS, this special program offers field trips to selected industrial and historical sites in Korea, Leadership Seminar Series, and various workshops and special lectures.

Those students in this special program will arrive at Korea in mid August and participate into a two-week orientation before starting the regular courses. They will take courses throughout the year, completing the GSIS course requirements for a Masters Degree in International Studies (Economic Policy and Development) by the following July. The participants of the Program will receive their Masters Degree Diploma upon completion and acceptance of a Masters Dissertation (to be completed in their home country, but in close correspondence with his/her thesis advisor).