Degree Programs

Degree Programs

KUGSIS offers a variety of programs in the fields of International Studies and Korean Studies. International Studies is further subdivided into International Commerce, International Development & Cooperation, International Peace & Security, and Area Studies. In addition to these regular programs, KUGSIS offers a number of special programs on the master’s level as well as a doctoral program.

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MA Department of International Studies
*Students who study International Studies select a major on the 3rd semester.
MA International Studies (International Commerce)
MA International Studies (International Development and Cooperation)
MA International Studies (International Peace and Security)
MA International Studies (Area Studies)

MA Department of Korean Studies

MA Special Programs
KOICA-KU GSIS International Development Program
KIEP-KU GSIS Graduate Program on Area Studies
Dual-Degree Programs (AU, Kobe, Fudan)

Doctoral Program