The core purpose of Korea University Division of International Studies (KU DIS) and Graduate School of International Studies (KU GSIS) is to support students and graduates to achieve their ultimate educational and career goals. This responsibility does not stop at the graduation ceremony, but goes beyond the actual time spent at Korea University. Graduates, in order to be successful and competitive in the global arena today, need to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Irrespective of their career goals, we highly encourage students to accumulate practical skills already during their student life, by completing internships, or participating in international workshops, field trips, or conferences. The GSIS Career Development Center (GSIS CDC) strives to provide students with a wide range of services for successful internship and job search through career exploration, career networking that connects students and alumni, etc.

GSIS CDC is here to assist and help students achieving their career goals by providing them with an internship and job searching tool. Thus our mission is to connect DIS/GSIS students with employers interested in recruiting the best.

*Students must make an appointment for visit in advance by email.

Contact ‘GSIS Career Development Center’ for
– General Elective Courses for Internship
– GSIS exclusive job opening
Office: International Studies Hall #223
Phone: (02) 3290-1391~2

Contact ‘KU Career Development Center’ for
– General career assistance
– Career exploration
Office: 4.18 Memorial Hall #105
Phone: (02) 3290-1121~5