[Notice] KU Health Insurance and Health Center for 2019 Fall Semester


[Notice] Information on KU Health Insurance and Health Center for 2019 Fall Semester
September 16 , 2019
We would like to give you details about Health Insurance and Health Center and let you know the submission of your Insurance Certificate for 2019 Fall Semester.

Unexpected health care expenses may create barriers toward completing a degree.
Please read the following information and the attachment thoroughly as the health and well-being of our student is our priority.The Ministry of Education, South Korea requires all international students to have health insurance during their stay in Korea.

In order to follow the regulation set by the Ministry of Education and to ensure students are well prepared for medical situations that could create barriers to their learning, Korea University requires students to carry qualifying health insurance.

Therefore, please submit a copy of your insurance every semester to GSIS Administration Office in person or by email to

We know that there are many students who paid for Mutual Health Aid Association fee for this semester, but we strongly recommend you to buy private insurance for your safety, since medical coverage of the Mutual Health Aid Association is highly limited compared to private health insurance.

Please be informed about the KU insurance policy on international students and find out various insurance options available.

Also, please note that even if the coverage period is more than 6 months (one semester), you must provide a copy of the same insurance to GSIS Administration Office every semester in order to prove that you have one under your name.

* Approved Insurance: Insurance that covers medical expenses in Korea (consultation and prescription fees, hospital charges and so on)
* Travel insurance, Insurance that covers only death or medical expenses only in your home country, Any insurance that does not cover medical expenses in Korea will not be approved.

It is MANDATORY to submit a copy of your insurance certificate to GSIS Administration Office in person at the beginning of every semester until you graduate.
We will also inform you by email in advance every semester.

<Proof of Insurance Submission Period for 2019 Fall Semester >
 * It should cover AT LEAST for the WHOLE SEMESTER of 2019 Fall. (2019. 9. 2. – 2019. 12. 31.)
2019.09.16. (Mon.) – 2019.09.23. (Mon.) (Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 17:30)
Please submit a copy of your health insurance with your NAME / Student ID number.

If it is not in English or Korean, please translate the name of the insurance product, coverage details, and the validity period.
This submission is very vital to facilitate the process of all the visa-related works of all the international students in KU.
Location: #223, GSIS Administration Office, International Studies Hall on Humanities and Social Science campus, Korea University
Please do read the attachment thoroughly as well as it contains detailed information on KU health insurance and health center.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
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