[NOTICE] How to set up KU wireless Wi-Fi service(Seoul campus)


[NOTICE] How to set up KU wireless Wi-Fi service(Seoul campus)
September 04 , 2019

Please check this link regarding how to set up the new system of the Wi-Fi service,

Frequently Asked Question

▶ Common
Q: I can’t connect even though I saw it manually and turned it on while doing manual setup.
A: Contact your administrator (extension: 4194, 4201 ~ 3)

Q: I don’t know the wireless Wi-Fi input account (ID / PW) information?
A: Use your portal (KUPID) account (ID / PW)

※ If you haven’t changed your portal password since 2019, please use the wireless Wi-Fi service after changing your password.

Q: I can’t connect the wireless Wi-Fi after changing the KUPID password?
A: Wireless Wi-Fi authentication is performed through the synchronization process of the portal account information (ID / PW)
in the wireless authentication server at an interval of 10 minutes every hour. After synchronization time has elapsed,
you need to delete and reset the existing profile to use it normally.

▶ Windows
Q: I get an error about credentials and can’t connect? (Ex: windows: credentials are incorrect)
A: Contact admin (extension: 4194, 4201 ~ 3)

Q: I am on Windows 7 or 8.0. How do I download the Auto Setup program on my laptop that has no wireless Wi-Fi connection?
A: Please refer to the “Automatic Setup Program for each Windows OS” in the site ( from
another notebook PC with internet access.

※ How to check system type by OS: Start → Control Panel → System and Security → System (System type: 32bit or 64bit)

▶ Android
Q: The connect button is not activated.
A: If you select CA certificate selection as “Off” or “No authentication”, the Connect button is activated.

Q: Can’t see the setting screen?
A: If you press and hold the wireless Wi-Fi “SSID: KoreaUniv AP”, click “Delete network” button to reset the previously set values.

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