[Humanitarian Affairs Asia] Global Internship Program 2019 (~4/30)

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[Humanitarian Affairs Asia] Global Internship Program 2019 (~4/30)

Global Internship Program 2019

Humanitarian Affairs Asia


Internship Position    : Global Partnership Associate

Placement Period      : 15 August 2019 to 28 February 2020 ( 7 months )

Placement Location  : Bangkok, Thailand

Project Management : Peace Summit 2020


How To Apply?

Send in your resume to


Application Deadline

30 April 2019



Global Internship Program 2019 (GIP) with Humanitarian Affairs Asia provides interns with multi-faceted learning opportunities. You will get to work on our 2nd Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders 2020. Click here  for your WHY to work for a cause.


The internship program will challenge you in your communication skills (both written and verbal) with various stakeholders from around the world. It will help build and enhance your work ethics and professionalism which will further enhance your performance at your selected job title or profession. The program also helps to stretch you in your resourcefulness to look for out of the box solutions. More importantly, it will develop your mental resilience to overcoming difficulties and give you a realistic image of the working space for your career development.


The GIP will focus on the following key competencies and skills :

  1. Leadership Skills for the 21st
  2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 ( EQ 2.0 )
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Social Responsibility Skills
  5. Problem-Solving Skills
  6. Teamwork Skills
  7. Global Business Communication Skills
  8. Cultural Diversity Competence Skills
  9. Marketing and Public Relations Skills
  10. Research and Data Management Skills
  11. Stress Management Skills




  1. Intelligent and quick witted, able to rapidly assimilate new products and services.
  2. Fluent in English Language
  3. Excellent oral communication skills and active listening skills.
  4. Professional phone manner with a consultative approach and cordial tone of voice.
  5. Highly organised and self-motivated with the ability to prioritise tasks.
  6. Confident in overcoming rejection and setting challenging goals on a daily basis.
  7. An additional plus point if you had a leadership role in a volunteer organization or at a part-time job before.





Job Description

  1. Actively manage the client database to ensure information is accurate and kept up-to-date.
  2. Call and maintain relationships with the Organisation’s clients.
  3. Establish new relationships by researching, adding and developing new clients.
  4. Maintain existing client relationships.
  5. Collate information on prospective clients.
  6. Identify past prospects due for follow up calls.
  7. Produce weekly reports on activity and achievement levels.




  1. Orientation / Training Program will be provided on a weekly basis.
  2. Subsidised Housing and Meal allowances.
  3. Document for Entry Visa will be provided. However, interns are to responsible for their visa application.
  4. Opportunity to interactive and network with more than 500 scholars during the 3-days conference.
  5. Certification of Participation for Internship
  6. Letter of Reference for job application opportunities for the selected job title or profession
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