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[Hebronstar] 인턴Internship 채용공고
To apply at Hebronstar (

Object : Interns (1 month) / Thai speaker

Work Place : Seoul Yeoksam Office

Salary : 100,000KRW per day / Part time is also available by day

       (Working full time per day)

Preference :  Applicants who can work immediately

Application documents : English Resume

Application :

Contact Us : (02-376-9322, HR manager)

Recruiting Procedure : Documents review > Interview

About us :

Hebronstar Stategy Consultants was established in 2009 as Headquarter of Seoul, and has been in its 10th year as a consulting company representing Korea and Asia.

So far, we have run about 500+ projects, work with top-talented multinational consultants from 10+ countries, and conduct global projects in over 30+ countries.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, and Malaysia. Over 100 consultants from around the globe work as a corporate culture and perform 70+ cross-border projects every year. In Thailand, India, Europe, USA, Europe, Peru, Brazil, Taiwan and more than 20+ countries.

Hebronstar has set up a differentiated International Business Service Platform and strives to become the best in the global market entry strategy field.

We are waiting for the best talent to be with Hebronstar, who has the base and ability to possess Asia even if it is not the best now.


[Hebronstar Global Vision]

As the premier strategy consulting firm based in South Korea, Hebronstar focuses on innovation that drives growth, increases profitability, and sets new market-leadership standards for prominent companies around the world.

As of 2019, Hebronstar Strategy Consultants now operates in 7 regional offices across 5 countries consisting of South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Philippines and is working in close connection with 30 regional Hebronstar Alliance offices across 20 countries including USA, Italy, China, Japan, Israel, Brazil, India, Peru and Taiwan to deliver exceptional results in cross-border projects.
10 years have passed since our inception in 2009 where we have envisioned becoming Asia’s representative consulting firm and throughout our short expedition to date, we have enjoyed bringing forth tailored solutions to various business problems of over 500 clients.
Hebronstar facilitates our clients to strategically plan for their future, pave the way to enter the global market and to build their internal capacity to realize sustainable growth.

We envision becoming Asia’s representative consulting firm.
However, we do not wish to rest in comfort zones in Asia but to expand to every corner in the world where business problems exist.
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[The Guideline of applying a position]

Research Assistant : Bachelor 6 or more semester


[Important Notice]

  • Any documents which you submit will not be returned
  • If the applied information is found to be false, the offer might be cancelled
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