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SSK International Human Rights Center


The International Human Rights Center (IHRC) at the Graduate School of International Studies at Korea University is an interdisciplinary center for research and education on human rights issues. The center offers an academic environment for bright scholars, policy-makers, activists, and highly qualified students who are interested in international human rights. The center is currently conducting research related to various aspects of human rights issues, such economic sanctions, human rights laws, rights-based development, global poverty, business and human rights, humanitarian intervention, democratizations, women issues, and civil society. Maintaining a regional focus, human rights violations and practices in Asia have been extensively studied in the center.

In addition, the center partners with various human rights organizations and institutions in Korea and overseas. As a major co-organizer for most of International Human Rights Center, the SSK (Social Science Korea) Human Rights Forum is an inter-university research group engaged in multi-year research projects on human rights from a social science perspective, which is an increasingly popular approach to studying human rights. The project, led by Principle Investigator Dr. Changrok Soh (Professor of International Studies, Korea University), is funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea and participating universities include Korea University, Yonsei University, Sungkyunkwan University, Kyunghee University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, and University of Washington.

In partnering with SSK Human Rights Forum and other human rights organizations in Korea, the center hosts a ‘Human Rights workshop’ on a monthly basis, and so far has held numerous Human Rights workshops for the past 6 years. Also, International Human Rights Center plans to launch ‘Human Rights Policy Forums’ and ‘Human Rights Policy Symposiums’ annually from 2017. Moreover, the center strives in promoting in-depth research on human rights through numerous international human rights conferences – one of them was affiliating with Harvard University, titled ‘2016 Harvard-Yenching and SSK Conference on Human Rights and Environment’.

The center also offers a variety of classes regarding human rights for students at Korea University, delivering courses such as ‘Globalization and Human Rights’, and ‘Politics of Developing Countries’ every semester for undergraduate students and providing guidance for individual human rights research for graduate-level students. In relation to the practice of human rights, the center maintains an official partnership with Human Asia, which is currently one of the most active human right NGOs in South Korea. The center plays an active role in supporting human rights activities implemented through Human Asia. Through this partnership and joint-work for research, education, and practice of human rights, the center continues to expand its scope and wide-ranging activities. The center ultimately aims to provide an educational environment for research on human rights for the citizens of the world.


SSK International Human Rights Center

Goals & Visions


SSK International Human Rights Center

Structure and Contact Information



Access links of partnering organizations

SSK Human Rights Forum - http://sskhumanrights.org

SungKyunKwan University Human Rights and Development Center - http://web.skku.edu/~socioadmin

SungKyunKwan University BK Plus 21 - http://bk21plus.skku.edu/main/main.jsp

Korea Human Rights Foundation - http://humanrights.or.kr/


Faculty Members

Director: Changrok Soh (Professor at Korea University, GSIS)

Research Division: Youngsoo Yoo (Associate Professor at Korea University, GSIS), Daniel P. Connolly (Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS), Jinwon Chung (Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS), Seunghyun Nam(Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS)

Education Division: Youngsoo Yoo (Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS), Daniel P. Connolly (Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS),Seunghyun Nam(Research Professor at Korea University, GSIS)

Practice Division: Somi Kwon (Secretary-General of Human Asia), Yujin Kim (Program Manager of Human Asia)

Administration Officer: Hyangmi Lee (Administration Staff at Korea University, GSIS)


Address: 329 International Studies Hall, Korea University

145 Anamro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: 02-3290-2927
Email: sskhumanrights@gmail.com