Lim, Sijeong

Lim, Sijeong

Assistant Professor, DIS
Ph.D., University of Washington (2013)
Political Science
#525, Int’l Studies Hall

Curriculum Vitae


  • Assistant Professor
    Division of International Studies, Korea University, September 2018
  • Assistant Professor
    Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam,  August 2015-July 2018
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    Department of Political Science, Stockholm University,  June 2013-July 2015


  • Ph.D., Political Science, 2013
    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • M.A., International Relations, 2008
    Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • B.A., International Relations, 2006
    Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.

Research Interests

International/Comparative Political Economy, Globalization and Politics, Social/Labor Protection, Welfare State, Environmental State, Private Governance


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