Rhee, Dong-Eun

Rhee, Dong-Eun

이동은 사진

Associate Professor, DIS
Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington (2009)
#529, Int’l Studies Hall
02- 3290-2408


Ph.D. in Economics, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2009
M.A. in Economics, Korea University, 2000
B.A. in Economics, Korea University, 1998

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, International Finance, Monetary Economics, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Education in Developing Countries

Selected Publications

• Toilets for education: Evidence from Kenya’s primary school-level data (with Hyoungjong Kim), International Journal of Educational Development, 70, 2019.

• Do Stringent Environmental Regulations Attract Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries? Evidence on the “Race to the Top” from Cross-Country Panel Data (with Yeseul Kim), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 55(12), 2019.

• Teacher gender, student gender, and primary school achievement: Evidence from ten Francophone African countries (with Jieun Lee and Robert Rudolf), Journal of Development Studies, 55(4), 2019.

• Does income inqaulity lead to banking crises in developing countries? Empirical evidence from cross-section panel data (with Hyoungjong Kim), Economic Systems, 42(2), 2018.

• Does income inequality increase marginal propensity to consume? (with Hyoungjong Kim), Applied Economics Letters, 25(17), 2018.

• Korea’s growth-driven trade policies: inclusive or exclusive? (with Inwon Park and Moonsung Kang), World Economy, 40(11), 2017

• Non-linear adjustments on the excess sensitivity of consumption with liquidity constraints (with Dooyeon Cho), Applied Economics, 49(41), 2017

• An Assessment of Inflation Targeting in a Quantitative Monetary Business Cycle Framework: Evidence from Four Early Adopters (with Dooyeon Cho), Applied Economics 47(32), 3395-3413, 2015.

• Fiscal Multipliers During the Global Financial Crisis: Fiscal and Monetary Interaction Matters (with Juhyun Pyun), Contemporary Economic Policy, 33(1), 207-220, 2015.

• Information and Capital Flows Revisited: the Internet as a Determinant of Transactions in Financial Assets (with Changkyu Choi and Yonghyup Oh), Economic Modelling, 40, 191-198, 2014.

• Nonlinear Effects of Government Debt on Private Consumption: Evidence from OECD Countries (with Dooyeon Cho), Economics Letters 121, 504-507, 2013.

• Macroeconomic Effects of the CGIF Scheme Using a Multi-Country Dynamic General Equilibrium Model (with Young-Joon Park), Asian Economic Papers 12(1), 141-162, 2013.