Student Activities

Student Activities

As one of the oldest and most important Korean education hubs, Korea University offers a lively and vibrant student community located on one of Korea’s most gorgeous campuses. There is a broad variety of activities to get involved in:

  • Students share their hobbies in over 80 student clubs alone on Anam campus
  • The famous Ko-Yon-Jeon, the annual friendship sports battle between Korea University and Yonsei University, attracts nationwide attention and is broadcasted all around the country
  • Anam campus also hosts the popular Granite Tower Festival in May, which features, among others, popular musical acts and a street food festival
  • KU further provides chances for getting involved in social voluntary work as well as well as in KU newspaper, broadcasting, etc.
  • There is further a one-on-one buddy program between international and Korean students
  • In addition, KUGSIS, given half of its students being Non-Korean, is further recognized for its priceless opportunities of formal and informal multicultural student encounters and friendship ties

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