FAQ on Admissions



1. Applying

Q : Is the application fee refundable?

A : It is not refundable.


Q : I want to apply for KGSP Scholarship program. How do I apply? (only for international students)

A : KGSP Scholarship is selected and processed by the NIIED institution, not KU GSIS. Therefore, please refer to the selection criteria and process of the NIIED institution, and contact the Embassy in your country.


Q : Once I have sent my supporting documents to KU GSIS, how do I get the confirmation that KU GSIS has received them? 

A : When your documents are submitted to KU GSIS, each step of your online application will be updated. Also, you will receive ‘the receipt of the application’ by e-mail.


Q : How many words should be written in SOP? 

A : The SOP should be written in 1,200 words (approximately 3 pages). The Statement of Purpose may describe your personal information or statement that includes personal interests, education backgrounds and your academic plans as well as future goals.


Q : I accidently applied with wrong information. Can I correct it?

A : Please send an e-mail to the KU GSIS Admission Office ( with your name, application number and what you need to correct. Please note that your basic information (including Name, E-mail address, and the date of birthday) cannot be revised, so make sure that you enter the correct information when you submit your on-line application.


Q : I completed my undergraduate degree course in English and I took my high school studies in English too, but am not a native English speaker. Do I still have to attempt to take TOEFL/IELTS exams?

A : In this case, you should provide an official letter of explaining the medium of instruction in your university. Please ask the university staff to provide a letter verifying that all of the classes are fully conducted in English ONLY. In this case, your English proficiency test score will be exempted with this document.


Q : Can I receive submitted documents after admission process?

A : No, the submitted documents will not be given back in any cases.


Q : When do I choose my major after I got admission from KU GSIS?

A : Students of KU GSIS in Master’s degree program should determine their major among five major tracks in the third semester considering their desire and aptitude.


2. English Proficiency Test

Q : Is there any minimum score of English proficiency test to apply for KU GSIS?

A : KU GSIS does not have minimum English Test Score required.


3. Courses

Q : Is Master’s program for Korean Studies delivered English?

A : All of the courses and classes including Korean Studies are conducted in English.


Q : When will the result of scholarship selection be announced? (only for international students)

A : Regarding KU GSIS International Students Scholarship A/B selection procedure, many international students admitted to GSIS are automatically subject to selection for scholarship, and it is decided by the applicant’s entrance score.

(For more details:


Q : Can I take a course at other GSIS?

A : Yes, students of KU GSIS can take at most 6 credits at other GSIS. However, students can only take 6 credits during the period of regular enrollment.


Q : Can I take ‘Leave of Absence’ while attending KU GSIS?

A : Yes, students can take ‘Leave of Absence’ for one or two semesters when applying for ‘Leave of Absence’. Three semesters in total length of ‘Leave of Absence’ are allowed. Students should apply for ‘Leave of Absence’ within the designated application period.

In case of international students, they have to submit a ‘Leave of Absence form’ to the KU GSIS Administration Office and relevant documents to the Seoul Immigration Office with regards to visa issues.

*Please note that both the scholarship for international students and D-2 students visa will be cancelled when you apply for Leave of Absence.


Q : Do all of students of KU GSIS have to take the General Exam before graduation?

A : In case of Master’s degree program, students who are applicable to one of the following can be exempted from the general exam.
a. Whose GPA of 3rd semester is 3.75 or above.
b. Whose GPA of 4th semester is 3.75 or above.


Q : How many credits do I have to take to graduate?

A : Students of KU GSIS are required to take 39 credits for Master Program and 36 credits for Doctoral Program.


Q : How many credits can I take per semester?

A : The maximum credits in which students of KU GSIS can take per semester is 15 credits for Master Program and 12 credits for Doctoral Program.