Dean’s Welcome


Kim, Sung-han

Welcome to Korea University’s Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS). GSIS of Korea University was launched in 1991 as part of the Korean government’s globalization drive. Now, including the Division of International Studies (DIS), there are nearly 700 students and 40 faculty members, including adjunct professors, drawn from all over the world.

GSIS of Korea University offers interdisciplinary programs that encompass many disciplines pertaining to International Development & Cooperation, International Commerce, International Peace & Security, Regional Studies and Korean Studies. The interdisciplinary nature of GSIS means that the program is intimately linked with not only other programs within Korea University but also with other programs at leading universities overseas. Accordingly, GSIS of Korea University offers, among others, dual degrees in overseas affiliated institutions, internship programs, summer programs abroad, and executive programs for corporate clients. Such exciting opportunities await high caliber students from all parts of the world at Korea University GSIS.

Given the intellectual demands of the era of globalization, the increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary education, and Korea University’s vision for becoming a first rate university in the international setting, the role of GSIS of Korea University is becoming more significant. I am enormously privileged and delighted to invite the ambitious, determined, and globally conscious students from all over the world to explore our exciting program.

I sincerely look forward to welcoming you in person to GSIS of Korea University in the near future.

Kim, Sung-han, Ph.D.
Graduate School of International Studies
Korea University