Degree Programs

Degree Programs

KUGSIS offers a variety of programs in the fields of International Studies and Korean Studies. International Studies is further subdivided into International Commerce, International Development & Cooperation, International Peace & Security, and Area Studies. In addition to these regular programs, KUGSIS offers a number of special programs on the master’s level as well as a doctoral program.

Find the right program for you:

MA Department of International Studies
*Students who study International Studies select a major on the 3rd semester.
- MA International Studies (International Commerce)
- MA International Studies (International Development and Cooperation)
- MA International Studies (International Peace and Security)
- MA International Studies (Area Studies)

MA Department of Korean Studies

MA Special Programs
- KOICA-KU GSIS International Development Program
- KIEP-KU GSIS Graduate Program on Area Studies
- Dual-Degree Programs (AU, Kobe, Fudan)

Doctoral Program