KU GSIS selects nominees for student exchange program in Spring 2021 as below.

Exchange program institutions: American University 

※ Important Message from AU

At this time, AU is welcoming applications for Spring 2021 from KU by October 1st deadline. Full details can be found in the attached SIS Exchange Guide. Given the changing nature of the global situation, however, it is still possible that exchanges may be restricted or cancelled in Spring 2021. AU plans to make an official decision regarding Spring 2021 by the end of September. As soon as AU decides, they will contact KU with updates. AU welcome questions from students interested in this exchange program in the interim.


AU started the Fall 2020 semester with all classes fully online on August 24th. Campus is open, with emergency housing and some in-person resources available. To reduce the number of people on campus, most faculty and staff are working remotely and will continue to do so for the rest of the semester. The university is working to support students in this online format, including moving more resources to an online accessible format. The AU Coronavirus information page (https://www.american.edu/coronavirus/) includes links to the operating status, frequently asked questions, resources, as well as the operating plan for Fall 2020 (‘AU Forward’).


In Washington, D.C., new COVID-19 cases have been decreasing in recent weeks and there is currently a mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for individuals coming from areas with higher infection rates. In D.C., masks are required outside the home, and most businesses and restaurants are now open with operating restrictions. The coronavirus information page for Washington, D.C. is https://coronavirus.dc.gov/. Hopefully things will continue to improve but only time will tell!

1) Exchange Guideline: SIS Exchange Guide AY2020-21 (updated 2020-09-01) [Attachment 1]

2) Documents to submit:

  - CV(curriculum vitae)

  - Application(the form is below, including Statement of Purpose: word 2 pages) [Attachment 2]

  - Valid English Language Test Score Reports

  - KU GSIS official transcript

    (For freshman, submit the transcript of undergraduate school)

 * Please submit all the original documents to the GSIS Administration Office in person or by post.

3) Deadline: September 18th

4) Interview: TBD

5) Result announcement: TBD

* Applicants nominated by KU GSIS are normally accepted by the host institution, but the host institution retains the right to review these students and to make the final decision concerning their admission. Lack of availability, capacity or any other circumstance at the host institutions may result in denial of qualified applicants.

* Please note that the student in the first and last semester should be enrolled and study at KU, and determine the time to graduate in advance.

* Any scholarship fellows who are funded by other origination such as POSCO, Pony Chung, KOGAS, NIIED, KOICA etc. to study here at Korea cannot apply for an exchange/dual degree programs.

* After completing an exchange/dual program and getting back to KU GSIS, students will not be eligible for the academic scholarship in coming semester because grade earned at a host university cannot be evaluated in terms of the condition of KU Scholarship, which means students cannot get KU scholarship based on grades earned during the exchange period. (In case of dual degree program, from their 2nd semester at the host University to their returning semester to KU GSIS)