Global Research Institute
Chun, Ja-hyun

Chun, Ja-hyun

Research Professor
International Relations
Office: #432, Int’l Studies Hall
02- 3290-2589

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Post-doctoral Research Fellow, AICGS,Johns Hopkins University, 2012-2013
Ph. D. in Political Science, Yonsei University, 2012
B.A. in Political Science and Diplomcay, Yonsei University, 2006

Courses Taught

International Peace and Security, KU GSIS
Issues in World Politics, KU GSIS
Seminar “International Cooperation and Reconciliation” at SAIS, October 2012-December 2012
Teaching Assistant, College of Social Science Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Yonsei University, 2008-2010.
Taught “Korea and East-Asia International History”
“World Peace and International Relations”
“Foreign Policy Analysis”


“The Role of Compensation in Sino-Japanese Reconciliation” Handbook of Memory and Reconciliation in East Asia. Routledge. Forthcoming (December 2014)

Chun, Ja-hyun “Have Korea and Japan Reconciled?- A fucus on three stages of international reconciliation.” Japanese Journal of Political Science (forthcoming, 2015)

Chun, Ja-hyun. “Official Apology in International Relation.” Korean Journal of International Relations 54:3 2014.

Chun, Ja-hyun. “Japan’s Postwar Compensation to China.” Journal of Northeast Asian Studies. 70:1, 2014.

Chun, Ja-hyun and Youcheer Kim. “A New Interpretation of Korea-Japan Relations-Right Revolution of Sex Slaves and Forced Laborers in the Courtroom.” Korean Journal of International Studies. 16:1 2014.

Chun, Ja-hyun.” Effect of post-war collective memory on reconciliation between nations: The cases of France-Algeria, US.―Vietnam” Journal of International Area Studies. 17:2, 2013.

Chun, Ja-hyun. “Politics of International Reconciliation: Latest Developments of International Reconciliation Theories and Its Critical Application on Sino-Japan Relations” Korean Journal of International Relations. 53:2 2013.

Chun, Ja-hyun. “Proper Remembrance-The Most Essential for Reconciliation.” Transatlantic Perspectives. AICGS September 2012.