Robert Rudolf

Robert Rudolf

Robert Rudolf

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Goettingen, Germany (2011)
#528, Int’l Studies Hall
02- 3290-2413

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Ph.D. in Economics, University of Goettingen, Germany, 2011
Diplom in International Economics, University of Tuebingen, Germany, 2007

Research Interests

Economics of Development, Gender, Subjective Well-Being, Poverty/Inequality, Rural Development, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa


Journal publications (SSCI)

“Happily Ever After? Intrahousehold Bargaining and the Distribution of Utility within Marriage” (with Dirk Bethmann), Review of Economics of the Household, doi:10.1007/s11150-016-9343-z, (2016).

“Rising or Falling Inequality in Korea? Population Aging and Generational Trends” (with Sung-Jin Kang), Singapore Economic Review, 61(5) (2016).

“Does the Chinese Diaspora Speed Up Growth in Host Countries?” (with Jan Priebe), World Development, 76: 249-262 (2015).

“Lags and Leads in Life Satisfaction in Korea: When Gender Matters” (with Sung-Jin Kang), Feminist Economics, 21(1): 136-163 (2015).

“Income versus Consumption Inequality in Korea: Evaluating Stochastic Dominance Rankings by Various Household Attributes” (with Almas Heshmati), Asian Economic Journal, 28(4): 413-436 (2014).

“Work Shorter, Be Happier? Longitudinal Evidence from the Korean Five-Day Working Policy”, Journal of Happiness Studies, 15(5): 1139-1163, (2014).

“Cash Crop Choice and Income Dynamics in Rural Areas: Evidence for Post-Crisis Indonesia” (with Stephan Klasen and Jan Priebe), Agricultural Economics, 44(3): 349-364, (2013).

Books and book chapters

Employment, Well-Being and Gender: Dynamics and Interactions in Emerging Asia” (PhD Thesis). Goettingen Studies in Development Economics, Vol. 35, Peter Lang, Frankfurt (2012).

“Determinants of Rural Income Generation at the Rainforest Margin.” (with Klasen, S., Nuryartono, N., Priebe, J., Sugema, I. and J. Weisbrod), in Tscharntke et al. (eds.): Tropical Rainforests and Agroforests under Global Change. Springer Verlag, Berlin (2010).

Publications in Korean peer-reviewed journals

“The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Young Adults’ Mental Health: Evidence from the Philippines” (with Cathe Sarmiento), Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 11(1): 76-89, (2017).

“Housing and Happiness: Subjective Well-being and Residential Environment in Korea” (with Cuz Potter), Journal of Korea Planning Association, 50(7): 55-73, (2015).

“Issues in Economic Development: Trade, Urban Development, and Foreign Aid” (with Cuz Potter and Jinsang Lee), Korea Review of International Studies, 16(2): 29-48, (2013).

Current working papers

“The Impact of Food Price Shocks on Food Security: Panel Evidence from Tanzania” (with Kenneth Harttgen)
“The Chinese Diaspora and its Impact on Chinese Bilateral Trade” (with Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso)
“Teacher Gender, Student Gender, and Primary School Achievement: Evidence from Ten Sub-Saharan African Countries”
“Determinants of Agricultural Productivity in Tanzania” (with Edward Essau)
“The Impact of Training Developing Country Ministerial Officials at Korean Universities: Evidence from the KOICA-KU Master’s Degree Program” (with Kyuwon Kang)
“The EU Migrant Crisis: Selling Off European Values?”