Park, Innwon

Park, Innwon

Park, Innwon Professor; Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania (1993)

#537 Int’l Studies Hall; iwpark@korea.ac.kr; 82-2- 3290-2406; Download full CV: Eng or Kor


Ph.D. The University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1989-1993 (Economics)

M.A. Korea University, Korea, 1982-1984 (Economics)

B.A. Korea University, Korea, 1978-1982 (Economics)

Teaching Interest

Open Economy Macroeconomics (International Economic Integration); International Economics (Finance and Trade Policy); Economic Development and Growth (Developing Economy); Money and Banking; Macroeconomics; East Asian Economy; Korean Economy

Research Interest

Regionalism and Globalism; Trade Liberalisation and Regional Economic Integration (APEC, EAEC, Northeast Asia, and ASEAN); Foreign Direct Investment and Development Ladder in Developing Countries (East Asian Countries); Computable General Equilibrium Modelling (CGE) in a field of Open Macroeconomics

Recent Publications

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