Han, Jung-Sun

Han, Jung-Sun

Han, Jung-Sun

Ph.D., University of Washington (Seattle) (2003)
#523 Int’l Studies Hall
02- 3290-2423

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Research Interests

Majoring in modern and contemporary Japanese history and culture, I have worked on the nature and characteristics of Japanese modernity and, by implication, those of East Asian. More concretely, I am interested in the relationship between imperialism and (visual) culture in the Japan of pre-1945.

My recent research interests include the Japan of post-1945 and its relations with Asia-Pacific neighbors. By probing into the dynamics between memory and history in the post-1945 Asia, I focus on the nature of Asian cultures in war and peace.

Selected Publications

I have published a co-authored book on the Japanese political cartoons and their depiction of Korea (일본, 만화로제국을그리다(일조각, 2006) (학술원우수도서). The book has been translated and published in Japanese (漫畵に描かれた日本帝國, 明石書店, 2010).

I also have published a book in English entitled An Imperial Path to Modernity (2012) from the Harvard University Press.

Regarding essays, I have published articles (both in Korean and English) on the pre-1945 Japanese liberalisms; and the post-1945 Japanese war memories reflected in films, animations, and cartoons. Also I have contributed an article on a Japanese Pan-Asianist to A Documentary History of Pan-Asianism (Rowman and Littlefield, 2011).

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