Kim, Byungki

Kim, Byungki

Kim, Byungki

Ph.D., Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (1995)
Politics and Int’l Relations
#540 Int’l Studies Hall
02- 3290-2407

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Dr. Kim, Byungki, Professor of Politics and International Relations, is Founder/Directing Head of The International Security Policy Forum at The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Senior Fellow and Steering Committee Memberof The Institute for Sustainable Development at Korea University, and a Visiting Fellowat The Global Economic and Financial Research Institute (Seoul), Vice Chairman of Korea Institute of Public Policy Research (Seoul) and Senior Fellow and Vice Chairman of ASEM Institute of International Relations (Seoul), arguably three of the most influential public policy institutions in Korea, in whose capacity he brings together makers of foreign policy, public opinion, national security, finance, trade, development and global governance policy at the highest level from around the globe, including the most gifted fellows from Korea and abroad as part of its global leader fellowship program. In addition to these academic portfolios, Prof. Kim is a Visiting Fellow and Advisory Council Memberof Research Institute for Peace and Security (Seoul), a Visiting Fellow of Korea Institute for International Studies (Seoul), a Fellow of Korea-Japan Relations of April Society of Korea, a Fellow of The Yun, Po-Sun Presidential Research Institute (Seoul), and a Fellow of The Institute for Corean-American Studies in Philadelphia.


Prof. Kim has authored and co-authored over 65 articles, 2 monographs and 2 edited volume in the field of international securityand has lectured extensively in Europe, Asia, Americas, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa and the states of the former Soviet Union.


Prof. Kim has held visiting (and senior) fellowships, appointments (including as well in external capacity) and major research grants from numerous public policy institutions, universities and corporations around the world.


In addition to the research portfolios, Prof. Kim is widely active in the international non-government organization (NGO) arena as a Member of High Level Advisers to The United Nations Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (UN GAID), Executive Board of Friends of UN GAID Foundation (NY), Steering Committee of The Far Eastern Broadcasting Corporation (Seoul), International Advisory Council of Luxembourg Convention on Prevention of Nuclear Catastrophe (Luxembourg), Executive Vice Chair of Retired Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Non-Commissioned Officers’ Association of Republic of Korea as well as other public policy organizations and NGOs dealing with history, political science, defense, foreign policy, cyber-warfare, trade, finance and development.


Prior to his current position at Korea University, Prof. Kim served as Acting Dean, Vice Dean of The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)/College of International Studies, Directing Head of The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Korea International Cooperation Agency—Korea University GSIS Masters Program in International Development Studies, Directing Head of The Advanced Management Program (AMP) on Green Growth, Climate Change and Energy at The GSIS, and Founder/Directing Head of AMP on Sustainable, Transparent and Equitable Governance (Anti-Corruption) at The GSIS through which top executives from the nation’s signature state corporations, MNCs, MPs, ministers, presidential secretaries, NGO heads, media executives, heads of foreign missions, news agencies and mid-level executives from the emerging market were trained in the most urgent public policy issues of the day, while as Executive Director of Global Leadership Development Center and for Budget and Planning at The International Social Service Corps, and Vice Director of The Institute for Sustainable Development, Prof. Kim spearheaded information communication technology (ICT) assistance in Africa, and Southeast Asia in strategic partnership with UN GAID , Friends of UN GAID Foundation and Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During Prof. Kim’s tenure as a Member of University Committee for External Cooperation and Development and on Housing, Prof. Kim’s team headed by the University President, restructured 300 members of the labor union and fund-raised 1.5 billion USD in enabling the University to enter in its centennial the ranks of world’s 150 most competitive universities (The Times of London, 2007), with an annualized budget of USD 1.5 billion.


In his numerous public service to the state spanning across more than ten agencies, ministries and specialized bureaus, including the Prime Ministerial and Presidential Secretariats, as the highest ranking external civilian, Prof. Kim has served in his capacity as a Member of The Executive Policy Expert Council of The South Korean National Security Council, a Member of The Executive Policy Planning Advisory Council of The South Korean Ministry of National Defense, a Member of The Executive Policy Advisory Council of The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, a Member of The Executive Advisory Council to The Commander of the United States (U.S.) Forces in Korea (U.S.F.K.)/Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command (CFC)/United Nations Command (UNC) in Korea, a Member of The Executive Advisory Council to The Republic of Korea Commander of The Special Warfare Command/Deputy Commander of Korea-U.S. Combined Special Forces Command, a Member of The Presidential Advisory Council on Peaceful and Democratic Reunification, a Commissioner of The Emergency Planning Commission in The Office of the Prime Minister, a Member of the Executive Policy Advisory Council in The Ministry of National Re-unification, a Member of the Visiting Board of Evaluation for The Korea Institute of Defense Analysis, the main analytical arm of the Ministry of National Defense (MND), and a Member of Board of Trustee forThe Societas Koreana (Globalization of Korean Studies Project) for The Academy of Korean Studies, the Mecca of Korean Studies attached to the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy in Seoul.


Prof. Kim is also widely quoted by and writes for the major domestic and international wire services and news agencies.


A graduate of The Phillips Andover Academy and Lewis and Clark College of Portland, Oregon (B.A. in History and International Relations), Prof. Kim received an A.M. in Russian, and East European Studies from Harvard, a M.A. in National Security Studies from Georgetown and a Ph.D. in Political Science from The Institute of USA and Canada Studies of The Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Before joining the current position, Prof. Kim was reading for his second D.Phil. in International Relations at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.


Prof. Kim’s hobbies are strolling, biking and movie-going. He is fluent in Korean, English, and Russian and enjoys visiting foreign countries. He has also been the only Korean delegate (including as founding delegate) to the Shangri- La Dialogue in Singapore for five consecutive years (2002-6), which brings together, as the first and only meeting of its kind in the region, all defense ministers, intelligence chiefs, CEOs of the defense-industrial complex and most recognized defense intellectuals from the European Union, Northeast Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Prof. Kim is also the Founding Chair of the ministerial First and Second High-Level Korea-Central America Strategic Dialogue on Energy, Development and Trade as well as Member of International Board of Governors of the high-level Group of The Honorables for Atom for Peace and Sustainable Development (Seoul).