[UNITAR CIFAL Jeju] The 10th Youth Workshop


[UNITAR CIFAL Jeju] The 10th Youth Workshop "Youth Engagement for sustainable Tourism"
July 12 (Wednesday) , 2017
UNITAR Jeju International Training Center

제10차 청년워크숍 “지속가능관광을 위한 청년의 사회참여”

UNITAR 제주국제연수센터는 UN산하 기구인 UNITAR의 지역연수센터로 UN이 추구하는 지속가능한 개발을 이룰 수 있도록 아태지역을 대상으로 연수프로그램을 운영하고, 기획사업을 수행해오고 있습니다.

UNITAR 제주국제연수센터가 주최하고 제주특별자치도, 제주관광공사, ITOP 포럼이 후원하는 제10차 청년워크숍을 지속가능관광을 위한 청년의 사회참여라는 주제로 개최하고자 합니다. 전국대학생들과 UN의 ‘지속가능한발전’에 대한 식견을 높이는 교류의 시간을 가질수 있도록 많은 참여 부탁 드립니다.


  • 주최: UNITAR 제주국제연수센터
  • 후원:  제주특별자치도, 제주관광공사, ITOP 포럼
  • 일시: 2017년 07월 12일 (수) – 14일 (금)
  • 장소: MG 새마을금고제주연수원, 제주도 일대
  • 모집인원: 대학(원)생 60명 내외
  • 행사유형: 워크숍+탐방

*지원기간은 오는 일요일 (6월 4일)까지 연장되었으니 참고 바랍니다.

*문의: UNITAR 제주국제연수센터청년워크숍담당/ 064-735-6586

*첨부1: The 10th Youth Workshop Program_PDF

*첨부2:  Application form for the 10th Youth Workshop


The 10th Youth Workshop “Youth Engagement for Sustainable Tourism”

  1. Overview 
  • Hosts: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju (JITC), Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Tourism Organization, Inter-Islands Tourism Policy (ITOP) Forum
  • Organizers: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju , Global Inner Peace
  • Date: July 12th (Wed) to 14th (Fri), 2017
  • Venue: MG Jeju Training Institute
  • Contents: Workshop and field visits


  1. Objectives

– To educate undergraduate and graduate students on Sustainable Development Goals and equip them to be the experts of Sustainable Tourism

– To foster youth advocators of Sustainable Tourism and regional development

– To provide an opportunity to explore Jeju

  1. Subjects

– SDG 8.9 By 2030, devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products

– SDG 14.7 By 2030, increase the economic benefits to small island developing states and least developed countries from the sustainable use of marine resources, including through sustainable management of fisheries, aquaculture and tourism

  1. Participants

Undergraduate/graduate school students who are

– International students invited by ITOP Forum

– Korean nationals

– International students registered in universities in Korea


  1. Benefits

– Maximum airfare of 70,000 KRW*, meals, accommodation, gifts, fees, and UNITAR certification

* Not applicable to those who live in Jeju

* Benefits for the ITOP Forum members may differ

* Several Jeju Students will be selected as participants of ITOP Forum in October, 2017 (Transportation, accommodation, and meals are provided)


  1. Contents

– Talk Concert and special lectures

– Group activities: Clean Olle, Field Trip(Day 2), Group Discussions

– Presentation of group discussions and activities


  1. How to Apply

– Download application form from

– Submit your application to the email ( by June 2nd

– There may be an interview session (Within 3 days of the deadline)

– The selectin result will be uploaded on June 7th on the website

– You must register and deposit 30,000 KRW by June 12th


*Please be advised that the application submission deadline has been extended till June 4th (Sun).

*Inquiries: UNITAR Jeju International Training Center(JITC) / 064-735-6586 /

* Please find the attachment:
1) Program: The 10th Youth Workshop Program_PDF
2) Application Form: Application form for the 10th Youth Workshop

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