GSIS Student Council

KUGSIS Student Council

The KU GSIS Student Council is a student-led organization that seeks to represent the interests of the GSIS student body. The mission of the council is to enhance the graduate student experience through social and academic events that promote student welfare, camaraderie and professional development. In addition, they serve as a liaison between the student body and university administration, faculty, staff, and alumni.
The Student Council represents all constituents equally, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We pledge to work diligently to promote the interests of the diverse GSIS student body, while upholding the standards of Liberty, Justice and Truth that define Korea University.

Student Council consists of a President and two Vice Presidents who are current students at GSIS. Student Council elections are held once a semester and students campaign in groups of three. If there are multiple teams running for office, a public forum is held a week before elections. The voting system is a single-winner-plurality election where each current GSIS student gets one vote. The team with the most votes will become the new Student Council the following semester. If only one application for Student Council is submitted, a vote of confidence is held. During the voting period, at least 30% of the student body must vote that they approve of the new candidates. In case of failure, GSIS society leaders hold new elections or become the interim government until a solution is found.

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