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The objective of this project is to train graduate students to become ‘risk management experts’ who can deal with the global issues by establishing the cooperative framework among Fudan University in China, Korea University in South Korea, and Kobe University in Japan.
Global China CEO
KUGSIS would like to notice the establishment of Global China Advanced Management Program for the provision of high-quality education program. Through rich experiences of professional faculties and CEOs in China business, the program combines the education and consulting process together. With an active involvement of participating CEOs and supports of faculties, members of this program are expected to achieve the keyword of China business.
Report about recent conferences
The 1st “Conference for Human Rights Leaders of the Next Generation” was held at Korea University International Studies Hall on April 1, 2016, hosted by SSK Human Rights Forum. The main objective of this conference was sharing ideas related with human right issues and learning it from other graduate students.